1. Click the start menu (little windows key on bottom right hand corner)
  2. Start typing Remote and select Remote Desktop Connection once it pops up in start menu.
  3. A dialogue box will appear
    1. Computer : (see video below.)
    2. User name : First Initial and Full Last Name (no spaces)
    3. Password : (should have been given to you by JBD tech)
  4. Check the Allow me to save credentials checkbox
  5. Click Save As..
    1. Navigate to your desktop and label it accordingly
    2. Save
  6. Connect
  7. Check Don’t ask again… box
  8. Connect
  9. Then enter your password
  10. Click Don’t ask again… box
  11. Yes
  12. If “Select a User” dialogue box appears, get with us before disconnecting any of them.
  13. After user is disconnected, you are all set!
  14. When you are done with your work, be sure to click the “Sign Out” button on the desktop.



1. Install IVMS from Appstore (Hik Vision – For End User)
2. Open and accept all prompts
3. Upper right corner click +
4. Manual Adding
5. Alias: Snoopy’s
6. Address: (see video below.)
7. Port: (see video below.)
8. Username: Snoopys (be sure S is capitalized)
9. Password: snoopys1 (be sure S is lowercase)
10. Click save in the upper right-hand corner
11. Successful addition notification should appear
a. If not, double check the above steps
12. Start Live View on bottom of the screen
13. All set!



  1. Open a browser
  2. Go to
    1. Username: Full email address
    2. Password: Full email address
  3. You will be automatically redirected to the dashboard
  4. Hover over “M.E. Calendar” on the left-hand side
  5. From there choose what you would like to do
    1. All Events
    2. Add New
    3. Settings
  6. Try to keep everything else the same if possible and just ADD or EDIT events.

Adding an event:

  1. Create Title to be whatever fits the event but is also eye-catching
  2. If you have a flyer, click on Add Media right under Title block
  3. If not, put in a brief description of the event in the text box.
    1. You can edit this just like you would a basic word document.
  4. One the right-hand side be sure to select which category the event lies under
  5. At the bottom select date and time and if the event repeats
  6. Then scroll back to the top and hit publish!
    1. The event will automatically appear on the events page module
  7. All done!